Notice to UK & EU Customers

According to the new value-added tax (VAT) policies, starting from January 2021 in UK and July 2021 in EU, all goods imported to UK and EU countries will now be subject to VAT. It’s quite difficult and troublesome for a small business like us to handle all the VAT collection and filing with UK and EU governments. Therefore, we suspended shipping to UK and EU. Due to high volume of requests from our friends in UK and EU countries, we now decided to reopen to both regions, however, with some changes.

We will resume shipping to UK and EU starting from August 1st. We will not charge VAT or related tax/fee on top of your order price. Therefore, you and you ONLY will be responsible for all and any possible VAT, import fees, custom fees, and/or handling fees charged by your countries. Please refer to your country’s related laws and regulations to find out estimated fees you will need to pay.

There will be a checkbox before checkout for you to be fully informed. Please make sure you read this notice carefully and decide if you can accept this new policy before placing your order. We do appreciate your understanding and patience with us.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding this change. Thank you and love you always!